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Save the Lustron Home

Carlisle is home to a unique post WWII home that is becoming rarer every day. The Lustron Corporation designed the all steel, pre-fab home as an answer to the GI housing crises that occurred after the war ended. GIs came home, married their sweethearts and started families but few homes had been built over the war years and housing was in short supply. 
A Lustron Home could be sent on a truck from the factory and erected on a slab in as little as two or three days. Each home was made up of a series of panels that are bolted together. All enameled steel they are rust proof, pest proof homes that could last forever! Think about it. No maintenance except a simple wash down with the garden hose. No roof repair. No painting! Truly the home of the future.
Unfortunately due to some bad business decisions and the economics of the times the company went out of business after producing only about 4000 of the remarkable homes. Fewer than 2000 are left world-wide and many are listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Only three exist in Warren County. 
This Westchester model #00864 was erected by Cloy Waters in 1948. The home was later occupied by Corda James, Scott James grandmother. She lived there for many years. The house sits at 210 School Street. You have probably driven past it numerous times without even knowing its history. Currently it is owned by the school system and they need to have to space for future expansion. It is being donated to the Carlisle Area Historical Society but must be moved. If we do not save it then it will be destroyed. Thanks to Pete Peterson we have an area on our campus where it can be placed. The house on the corner of 2nd and Penn will be burned later this month. Then work needs to be done on the site. We will also need to hire a company to move the home. All told this project could cost upwards of $30,000 and would be a unique addition to our complex and a feather in the cap of our small town to have this one of a kind home. We need your help. Donate today by mailing a check to CAHS P.O. Box 137 Carlisle, IA 50047 or   clicking the PayPal button on our donate page. We are a federally recognized non profit and all donations are fully tax deductible. Look for upcoming fundraising events and other ways you can help.