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Thelm'as Chicken is BACK!!

We will be hosting another Thelma's Chicken Event at the Randleman House on July 31st. It's one Monday when you won't have to worry about cooking!!

Dessert plates will be available for purchase.

Contact Donna at 515-783-5007

or Melody at 515-371-4961

or order here on our join or donate page!


Annual Meeting July 22nd 1 pm at the Randleman House

There are three open seats and four members running.

Helen Kinter & Melissa Hawk are running to retain their board seats.

 Alma Reed Coon and Robin Helton are running as new members of the board. 

Hope to see you there.


Join us for breakfast on the Second Saturday of every month

Biscuits & gravy, eggs, fruit and sweet rolls 

$10 adults

Thelma's Chicken

Our first chicken event was a great success so we will be bringing Thelma back to Carlisle on July 31st.  This time we will be using the new drive at the Randleman House. $10 per meal  

More details to come

Call Melody (515-371-4961) or Donna (515-783-5007)

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