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Hull home at First and Market

Dr. William Sproul Hull, 1828-1885.


From recollections of Emmett, his youngest son, January 18, 1940.

Dr. Hull had a log cabin on Market Street which was then the center of the village. (Carlisle) In 1872 Dr. Hull built a very fine residence, later the Alkire property, and was last occupied by the Overton family. It was Gothic style with pointed windows and gables. The water supply was obtained from a well north of the house, which was open with two buckets suspended by ropes for drawing up the water. An accident occurred when the small daughter of a neighbor fell into a well across the street which was forty feet deep, but the child, a granddaughter of Billy Spencer, was saved by her mother who hauled her up in “the old oaken bucket.”

The doctor’s office stood on the southeast corner of the lot, facing Market Street. That building was later used by Dr. Frank Church Hull, W. S Hull’s son. The same building was later occupied by Gregg and Goodhue.

Other business places in the early 1870’s were: Capt. Swallow, groceries and notions; Wm. Saurs, Drug Store; Abe Shoemaker and Uncle Charley Foulke, General Merchandise. There was a hardware store and a Lodge Hall.

There were two hotels. One was THE BUSICK HOTEL. There was also a harness shop, owned by Wm. Reed, uncle of Mrs. John Seid.

Thanks to Wilma Rothfus for the story and Marsha Deskin for the picture.


Dr. William Sproul Hull

Continuing the story as related by Emmett Hull:

Dr. William S. Hull, (1828-1885) practiced in Carlisle for 35 years, doctoring in town and country, driving miles through mud and rain, or snow and cold, at a time when there were no highways and few roads of any kind. When there were epidemics, Emmett said he might not see his father for days at a time. Dr. W. S. Hull kept two teams and a riding horse and Emmett would sometimes go along, so one could hold the horses and the other would open and shut the gates.

Dr. Hull actively practiced his profession until he was killed in a railroad accident in 1885.

Margaret Church Hull (1835-1918)

The Hull family history is greatly entwined with the history of Carlisle. W. S. Hull was married to Margaret (1835-1918) daughter of Jerry Church. Their children were: Dr. Frank Church Hull, married to Alice Shoemaker; Lola Hull, married to Henry Reynolds; Cora Hull, married to William Kail; Otho Hull, married to Emma Van Gundy; Emmett Hull, married to Emma McGlothlen; and Maud Hull who died at a young age in 1888.

Readers will be reminded that Jerry laid out the town of Dudley by Keokuk Bend on the Des Moines River. In 1851, when Dudley was flooded out, Jerry rebuilt and named the town of Carlisle, away from the river.

Thanks to Wilma Rothfus for the story and pictures.

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