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The Carlisle Area Historical Society was formed in August of 2007 with 22 charter members. One of our first actions was to apply to the City of Carlisle for funds being held in escrow to found an historical facility. These funds, from the estates of Ewing Lanning and Mary Adams were granted to CAHS and allowed us to purchase a beautiful turn-of-the century home as our headquarters and museum space.

This property was originally the home of John Hix Randleman and his wife Ellen Stumbo Randleman. Following usual custom with historic homes the property is now called The Randleman House. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the members as well as the support of the businesses in our community the restoration of the Randleman house is nearly complete.

In 2019 we added to our campus in the form of a Lustron Home. Erected in 1948 this property had been owned by the local school district for some time. As the school grew the space was needed and the home was offered to CAHS to be moved. This ambitions project was costly but the Lustron Home has been preserved for future generation. We are still paying off the debt incurred and welcome donations for this project. There are fewer than 1400 Lustron Homes in the US and very few are in public hands. Watch for open house events and tours.

Our board consists of nine members elected by a simple majority of members attending the annual meeting. Each board member serves a term of three years with one third newly elected each year. General members are always welcome at monthly board meetings and are encouraged to run for open seats.

CAHS Board 2022/2023

Melissa Hawk   Chairman  Seat expires 2023

Dr. Mark Randleman Vice Chairman     Seat expires 2024

Donna Hall  Secretary        Seat Expires 2024

Charles Bartholomew     Seat Expires 2023

Danny Roach                       Seat   Expires   2025

Kay Randleman                  Seat Expires 2025

Donna Westberg                 Seat Expires 2025

Helen Kinter                        Seat Expires 2023

Mike Kinter                          Seat Expires 2024

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