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Thanks to a wonderful donation by Charles Peterson we have been able to make repairs to the crumbling steps and replace the front sidewalk. Next up will be improvements to the driveway and parking. 

There are a couple more steps to the completion of the Lustron and we are actively seeking bids.

Paving Project

We are hard at work improving our drive and parking. Grading work has been done to extend the driveway around the north side of the house and exit on Circle Drive. Unfortunately winter came early and the concrete did not get poured. We now have to wait until spring for that. Costs have gone through the roof and fund-raising will be needed to complete the handicap ramp.

Next step will be to pave the Lustron drive and add addition parking there.

Elder Corp came to  the facility with their large equipment and started the grading work for the new drive and parking. The City of Carlisle requires us to conform to commercial codes and the cost has risen. We welcome all donations toward this project.  

Woodhouse Concrete will be pouring the drive as soon as the frost leaves the ground in the spring of 23.  The handicap ramp may have to be delayed while we work on fund-raising.

Final Phase Exterior Renovation The Randleman House

 The First phase of the exterior renovation was accomplished with the help of Prairie Meadow, the Alice Hansen family, WCCP and many other local donors. This phase included the restored dormers, new roof, soffets and gutters.

Second phase is exterior paint. Bids have been received and fund raising is in progress. We are hoping to have this part of the project done in the next few months.

Now planning for the Third Phase begins.

Because this part of the restoration will require significant changes and considerable expense we have acquired the help of architect Edward L. Matt, AIA of Genesis Architectural Design to oversee the project. The drawing above shows the plan for the house. Restoration of the original porch is key. The existing concrete porch must be demolished and the graceful wood and brick structure re-created. Although the original footprint is retained you will see different uses assigned to some of the interior spaces. The summer kitchen is a space that is often found in homes of this era and will make for a better functioning event center. Additionally, handicapped access to the space will be added with minimal view from the street. The landscape plan for the drive and backyard calls for brick paving, which will enhance the look and usability of our museum house while maintaining its Edwardian charm.

We are hoping to start fund-raising for this phase of our project very soon. Naming rights to the porch could be available for anyone wishing to finance the project.

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The Lustron Home

The Lustron Home is finally coming together. We are working on it daily. It won't be completely finished but will start to look like the house of the 50s and will be open to the public on August 14th. If you are interested in helping with this or any of our projects we would welcome you. Contact us today at

 or message us on Facebook.

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