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Endorsed by the Iowa Civil War Sesquicentennial Commission

Schedule for June 8, 9 & 10

A brief preview of planned entertainment!

Friday Night 7 pm

Open to the public and all re-enactors

Supper at the Randleman House

245 Penn, Carlisle

Pulled pork sandwiches, chips drink and slaw and cookie $8.00

Bob Welch Sings "Songs of the Civil War on the porch of the Randleman House

With these songs one can feel the “spirit of the Civil War” and an amazing connection Bob Welch has with the Civil War. If reincarnation is a fact, then Welch experienced all of the war, for his songs are filled with a reality of the times.” Ken Allers Jr. Author of “The History Buffs Guide to Gettysburg” and “The Fog of Gettysburg: The Myths and Mysteries of the Battle.

If you attend a Civil War reenactment event and see a tall fellow, slouch hat shading his eyes, with baggy pants and suspenders, toting a guitar and banjo, chances are you've run into Bob Welch. Bob performs songs of the Civil War period, singing and accompanying himself on guitar and banjo.Bob combines storytelling and history with the music. The songs of the 1860's literally bring history to musical life.

Bob and his original song, "The Ballad of Jennie Wade" were honored in the "Song of the Year" songwriting competition and featured in the national magazine, "The Gettysburg Companion." Three hurrays for American Trust and Savings Bank of Dubuque, sponsors of the "Songs of the Civil War" programs in Tri-State area schools. And thank you to Kevin Royer of Beltone in Cedar Rapids and Vinton, Iowa. Beltone and the Royer Hearing Aid Centers are sponsoring "Songs of the Civil War" programs in several Iowa and Wisconsin nursing homes and assisted care facilities.


7:30 Breakfast. All Meals are open to everyone

All you can eat $8.00

9:30 Young Soldiers Marching Drill and Girls Tea

11:00 Bob Welch Sings

Noon Dinner

1:00 Period Fashion Show

2:00 BATTLE Featuring the Army of the South West and the Medical Corps

3:00 Kids Games-Just like Great Great Grampa used to play

4:00 Pie Auction-Part two of the battle! Don't let the other side win the best pie!!

5:00 Supper

6:30 Twilight Tour-Follow a young wife as she searches the camp for her wounded husband!

8:00 Dance

9:30 NIGHT FIRE You won't want to miss this fireworks extravanganza!

They literally shoot out of the cannons!


7:30 Breakfast

10:00 Non-Denominational Worship Service

11:00 Memorial Ceremony to honor those who lost their lives.

Noon Lunch


Upcoming Events

Rented graduation

Saturday, May 22 All Day

PEO tentative

Monday, Jun 14 at 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM

Rented shower

Saturday, Jul 24 All Day

CAHS Anniversary party

Saturday, Aug 14 All Day

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