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Singing Trio

These three beautiful girls were known as  THE THREE LITTLE HEADACHES.  Dolores Mayes (Hardin), Patricia Foulke, and Francis Foulke were a singing trio.  The picture was taken in 1940 when the girls were teenagers.

Bill Schooler, Sr. and Jack Fry wrote about the OCTOPUS OCTAVO OCARINA QUARTET in their book, "Tales of Scotch Ridge and Carlisle."  The HEADACHES often appeared after the QUARTET  at events around Warren County and Des Moines.

The girls sang with the Whisker Club band, at Younker's Tea Room, and the Wick picnic.  Dorothy Foulke drove the girls to all functions, and played the piano accompaniment for them.

The HEADACHES, THE QUARTET  and Bernie Ellison were chosen to represent Carlisle at the dedication of the new Warren County Court House, August 14, 1939.