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Located on the Northeast corner of the four-way stop in the middle of the town of Hartford, is their landmark Gazebo.  It was built around 1904.  Sometimes referred to as the loafing bench, it was used as a bandstand for the Hartford Band, and for the Drum and Bugle Band to entertain at many social functions.  Ed Freel was the director of the band in 1906.  Dell Hughes, father of Sally Farley, was also in that band.

 There was never a jail in Hartford, and the occasional rowdy or uncooperative citizen would be placed under the Gazebo canopy for temporary safekeeping.  Having fallen into disrepair in the 1960's, the City Countil voted to tear it down.  The Booster Club stepped in with an offer to fix it up with paint and a roof.  A cement floor and lights were also added at that time.

In 1981 more repairs were made to prepare for a wedding.  New paint and a new ornament for the top made an ideal setting.

In 2010, over 100 years old, the landmark Gazebo stands as the focal point for the town of Hartford.