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Dorris D. Clark



                                       Dorris D. Clark, (1913-1962)


Jim Clark told this story:  “My dad, Dorris, had osteomyelitis, a bone infection, in his lower leg when he was 12 or 13.   In those days before antibiotics Dad suffered in pain, going downhill and starting to turn black from infection.  His oldest brother, Harold, came to visit from Indianola and found how bad Dad was.  He contacted Dr. Hooper who soon arrived in his Model T.  Finding a dire situation he returned to Indianola and brought back his Cadillac with a back seat to carry patients in.  He took Dad to a hospital in Des Moines where a Dr.Grey did surgery on Dad’s leg and removed the infection.”


Jim’s Aunt Pearl told about pushing Dorris in his wheelchair.  She lost control of the wheelchair and Dorris was dumped out onto the ground.  She was sure she had hurt him, but he laughed and told Pearl to “do it again.”  The picture shows Dorris during recovery when his left leg was wrapped in dressings under his leggings.

 Dorris D. Clark was born north of Palmyra on Butcher Creek, the son of Edward and Eldora “Dora” Deaton Clark.