Carlisle Area Historical Society

Saving History for Tomorrow

Dale McClintic


August 2010

This story was first published in November of 2007.

Dale McClintic was born November 16, 1911, and the doctor who delivered  him drove a horse and buggy.  He remembers scooping peanut butter out of a barrel, and buying cheese that was sliced right in Beauchamp's store which was at the old Laverty's location.  Also, where the barber shop is now, was known as the Citizen's Bank, when he was a boy.  He used to build and sell Crystal sets until they became so inexpensive that anyone could buy them at a dime store.  He still maintains an interest in those old sets.

When airplanes first began flying over the area, he remembers that things came to a stop and everyone would run outside to watch.  He says his first car was a Model T made from parts of several old ones.

One of Dale's best remembrances is a story in Ripley's Believe It Or Not. A grave marker  in the Carlisle cemetery lists the birth date as February 32.  He says the marker is there in the old part of the cemetery close to the fence.

 Dale still quotes Shakespeare!