Carlisle Area Historical Society


July 8th Membership Meeting called to order at 7 pm by Chairman Mike Kinter
Attending: Melody Kirk, Arden Owens, Vance Gehlbach, Carol Murphy, Neil Ruddy, Melissa Hawk, Mike Kinter, 

Minutes:  Motion to accept minutes. Melody Kirk
                 2nd Arden Owens
                All ayes

Treasurer: $ Current balance total of both accounts $15,187.14

Membership 165

Publicity:  website and Facebook Newsletter coming out July 21th

Collections Diane Glass offered a rocker and footstool. It was decided to turn these items down as they had n connection to the area and we already have several rockers and a footstool
Popcorn Machine: Vance and Danny have looked at the popcorn machine offered by Dave Wright. It is rather large and will not fit into the garage. They will discuss possible modification so allow for storage.

Events 10th Anniversary party arrangements are coming along. 

Randleman House The fence panels have been adjusted to the car lights will no longer shine into the neighbors house. 
Unfinished Business:  Neil brought a copy of the letter he wrote to Superintendent Amos  concerning the future of the Lustron Home.
Mark Randleman is in charge of a grant to BRAVO for a house manager.
The calendar committee is looking into pricing for printing of the 2018 calendar.
New Business Arden asks if the tractor museum is still running. No one has an answer.
Melody wrote a letter for Mike to sign asking the mayor to declare the week of August 21st History week.
Vance moved to adjourn at 7:45 pm
Carol Murphy Acting Secretary
June 2017

Minutes:  Motion to accept April and May minutes
                 2nd Carol All ayes

Treasurer: $ $14,199.79

Publicity:  website and Facebook Newsletter coming out asap
Facebook over 700 hits. Sundays are the highest hit days. Vance would like historical facts that he can use. Discussion followed.

Collections The Webbs offered an old manure spreader. The board did not feel this would fit into our collection.

Events Mike offered to drive his pickup in the 4th of July Parade. Signs will be made.
 Melody asked for a budget for the Anniversary Event. Motion by Carol to earmark $500.00 Mark 2nd. Motion carried. 

Randleman House Discussion of trees at the annex. Mike will ask Larry's tree service to trim. Mark made the motion, Melody 2nd. Motion carried.
Breakfast. Peggy will be gone next month. Mike and Larry will cook. 
It was suggested that we offer Ackworth Garden Club free breakfast as a thank you for their work on the gardens. Melody will send Breakfast Bucks to Lynda Richards.
Annual Meeting set for July 8th at noon.
Discussion of work credits as a volunteer perk. Kathy will keep track.
Melissa, Neil and Melody are up for re-election this year.
Mike will get estimates for new garage doors.
The porch swing in the garage was discussed. Vance offered to purchase it from us. Motion by Kathy  to sell it for $5. Melody 2nd. Motion carried.
Discussion of the Lustron Home. Carol offered to contact the superintendent . Neil will write a letter.
Motion to adjourn Carol, 2nd Mark.
Volunteer hours for June 104 

Volunteer Hours
May 18, 2017
Minutes:  Secretary out of town. No minutes presented

Treasurer $13,597.07 total in both accounts

Membership One new member this month

Publicity  website and Facebook Newsletter coming out soon. Facebook still getting lots of hits

Collections Nothing to report

Events: May tea a very good event. Net income over $300.00. Much of the food was donated. Wm Schooler & son Bill Jr gave a stirring account of the 1946 bank robbery. There was a discussion about the breakfast event. We are averaging $160. a month net income from breakfast. That pays the utilities! Plans are taking shape for the 10th anniversary. Traveling exhibit History 101 will be here those three days. It was suggested that we could promote breakfast by offering a code word or phrase to keep the anniversary in people minds.  Mention of our 10th anniversary will get you $1.00 off breakfast.
Up coming garage sale: Carol moved and Melissa seconded to include the pink couch that is in the garage. Motion carried.

Randleman House:  Furnace and A/C checked, New fencing erected, old fence needs disposal, still need house manager, Discussion of glass case in garage, needs moved into the house.
New Business: There was a discussion of highlighting a business of the month to thanks our supporters. No action taken, Discussed obtaining the Lustron House. We will check with the superintendent to see where that board stands.

Volunteer Hours
April 2017
Minutes:  Motion to accept Mark
                 2nd Carol
Guest Speaker Rachel Woodhouse from BRAVO
Treasurer $14,134.90 total in both accounts
Membership 161 members
Publicity     website and Facebook Covered bridge post received 2.283 hits
                    breakfast buffet had 440 hits, May tea 300 hits
                    Newsletter April 20th 
Collections: We received a new buffet from the Quester group. They wrote
                     a grant to Quester International to help pay for it.
                     We have been offered Wilma Hardin's nursing
                     uniform. Melody made a motion to accept, 2nd by Mark, Motion
Events May tea scheduled for Mother's Day weekend. Melissa  in charge
             Melody will chair the Anniversary Events scheduled for August
Randleman House  Fencing installed, Vance & Sandy will work on the
                                Memorial Garden, Kathy will take care of other plantings,
                                Wyckoffs to do a spring inspection of our A/C
                                Once again, dog poop was found in the house. Rental
                                of the house was discussed
Volunteer Hours: Kathy is keeping track of volunteer hours.
                              March 37,
March 2017
Members Attending: Mike Kinter, Melissa Hawk, Melody Kirk, Carol Murphy, Mark Randleman, Vance Gehlbach, Arden Owens, Neil Ruddy. 

Minutes:  Motion to accept Melody
                 2nd Melissa

Treasurer: $$13,603.77

Publicity:  Danny announced that the Newsletter will come out the 21st and that he will be the contact person for the High School when the students come to rake the yard

Collections Melody made motion, seconded by Melissa to accept a World Atlas from Nancy Ellison Cameron all ayes. The board voted not to accept a piano from Joyce Bender. Tablecloths from Larry Watkins were accepted with thanks.

Events The School Drama Club play brought in a total of $1070. Vance moved and Melissa seconded to offer director Jon Wright a lifetime membership for his efforts. Motion carried. Carol moved that we should make a donation of young actors and the adult supervisors involved in this play put in approx. 50 hours. It is an extremely large volunteer effort on behalf of CAHS and we are very grateful.

Randleman House Fence and handrails on the to do list. Vance expressed concern that the annex house would not be moved before the anniversary party in August. Mark will look into Ms. Woodhouse coming to talk to us about BRAVO grants
New Business A member who does not wish to be named has come forward to tell the board that they paid for the McBurney butter churn that was bought at the Goodhue auction. Mary Sue Van Ryswyk told us she had paid for this item and it was among the things she took when she left. The member does not wish to press the issue but thought the board should know that she wrote a check to Mary Sue to cover the cost. Vance moved and Arden seconded a proposal to offer the member compensation for the expense. Motion carried.
Adjourned 8 pm

Feb 2017 Minutes
Minutes for Jan approval Melody 2nd Mark Motion carried
Treasurer: $12,578. total for both accounts Approval Melissa 2nd Carol Motion carried
Publicity: Newsletter due out next week. 300 hits per day on FB
Collections: Kathy to order plaque for Gee Whizz washer
Security: New company A Tech installed saving over $50 month
Fence: Fencing purchased. Mike will set an install date and will work on an idea for the handrail at main entrance
New Business: Vacuums purchased and in use, walnut tree removed, Mike asks purchase old refrigerator, discussion of people catering events at R House. Motion made by Carol 2nd by Melissa that caterers must be licensed and bonded to avoid liability for us. There was a discussion of kitchen layout. Mike will work with Peggy on this.
Breakfast: 64 people attended the Jan breakfast
Mark discussed grant writing and passed out handouts from BRAVO.
Mothers Day tea: Date needs to be set and committee formed.
There was a discussion of trees on the annex lot. Mike and Arden will look into this.
Motion to adjourn: Melody, Carol 2nd
January 2017 Meeting Minutes
Correction in the December minutes it is Bill Schooler Sr.s grandmother who wore the dress now on display at the Randleman House.
The treasurer reports a balance on $11,497.00 in the two accounts. Motion to approve Mark Randleman, seconded by Vance Gehlbach. Motion carried.
Publicity: Facebook has lots of hits. 400 hits on new data. We need to advertise the breakfast in January.
Collections: Three Farley jugs are to be donated by Arden Owens. Motion to accept Melody Kirk, seconded by Vance Gehlbach. Motion carried.
Events: Events Committee Chair Melissa Hawk will set up a planning meeting for the May tea. The play is the last weekend pf Feb and 1st weekend of March. Melody is overseeing that event. We discussed planning our 10th birthday around the State Historical Society's History 101 display which will be at the house in late August. We would like to showcase some of the Betzer collection at that time and will be asking for volunteers.
Garage Sale: Carol is planning but no date set.
House Manager: We need someone to be in charge of putting out deicer and changing light ]bulbs etc. It was suggested that Joe Lang might do this.
Kathy asked if there could be a better calendar of activities at the house so people needing to work would know when it is free. We will try to keep the website calendar up to date with all usage of the house, not just events and parties.
Annex: Trees need to be removed so parking will be more accessible. We need to set a budget for this.
Old Business: Still getting bats in the attic and flies will be a problem again. We need to find a pest control company that will handle it.
We might put a wish list on the website
Are we still paying utilities on the annex? Yes, Mike has not shut them off.
New Business: Carol offered to fill  the empty board seat . Melody made a motion to accept. Vance seconded. Motion carried.
Fencing is in the garage. Waiting for good weather to proceed.
We need to move the glass case from the garage to the upstairs.
We need a container to put Christmas trees in.
Thank you to all who helped take down Christmas decorations and clean up afterwards.
Mark Randleman made a motion to adjourn. Seconded by Vance. Motion carried
December 2017
Carol Murphy made a statement to the board detailing all the events that happened in December. It was a very busy month.
Mark R. made a motion to approve the minutes from the previous meeting
Seconded by Melody K. Motion carried.
Melissa made a motion, seconded by Melody to give Ethel Lee and Lori Curtis lifetime memberships for their generous work on the stained glass. Motion carried. Membership continues to grow.
The newsletter will be published Dec 20th. Carol continues to send articles to the Carlisle Citizen.
Vance continues to add articles to the Facebook page and Melody keeps the website up to date.
Bill Schooler has loaned us his grandmother's wedding dress and display board with the intent to deed it over in the near future.
Glass case accepted by the board. Motion to accept Mark R. Seconded by Vance G.
We voted to cancel the Feb. breakfast due to conflict with the play being presented by the High School Drama Class.
Kathy F. and Carol M. are working on the room by room inventory in Jan and Feb.
Security: Order is still on hold. Waiting for installation. We discussed adding a personal code or mounting cameras by the doors to see who comes in and out.
Fencing has been purchased. It is in the garage. The tree is scheduled to be removed at a cost of $800.00. Melody made a motion to approve. Seconded by Vance. Motion carried.
The fence plus a handrail will be installed when weather moderates.
Melody will purchase 2 vacuums for the house.
There was a discussion of BRAVO grants. Mark questioned why we have not written any and who would be in charge of the arrangements. Before writing grants we need projects bids.
We discussed Mother's Day tea. Melissa is in charge of arrangements.
Mr. Peno is still willing to push the driveway. Mike will shovel if needed on Monday. Hopefully others will take turns at this.
There was a discussion of pets in the house. Excrement was found under the dining room table and removed. We need to do a better job of keeping this from happening again.
The Chamber luncheon and the Holiday Tour of Homes were both big successes. Both events involved a lot of volunteers.
Jim Garnett would like to donate a copy of his book Growing Up Carlisle to each new member in 2017. Mark R. made the motion to accept. Melody seconded.
It was noted for the record that all the Christmas tablecloths are missing. A number of these tablecloths were bought & donated to CAHS by Kathy Fleishman. After some discussion it was decided that the record should simply state that it we cannot prove when they were taken or who took them.
Mark moved to adjourned. Vance seconded.
November minutes  pending
Oct 2017
Minutes from the previous meeting read and approved.
Treasurer reports a balance of $11,528.40
The newsletter will be coming out in a few days.
The website and Facebook pages are getting lots of hits.
The Chamber luncheon was discussed. The Holiday Tour of Homes will be Dec 9th & 10th. Melissa is in charge of the decorating.
The Betzer Collection is being cataloged. Danny Roach is in charge of that committee. Kathy F. will have two prints framed from the collection at Dot's frame shop. We also need to have  plates made to designate items given by Bob & Kathy Betzer and hope to hold an open house in the spring to display parts of the collection. Deeds of gift were accepted and the collection was formally approved by the board.
The Cemetery Walk was a huge success. The event was a learning experience and the committee did an exceptional job coordinating with the high school students. The turnout was much greater than expected and everyone hopes we will do it again next year. The event cleared $310.00
The 6% Paranormal group are doing a fund raiser for us on Nov 12
We are on the list with the State Historical Society to host the History 101 project this year.  If possible we would like to coordinate this with our 10th Birthday (August 2017)
Discussion of security service that was discontinued by the Van Ryswyks. Vance Gehlbach will check into possibilities for a replacement service that does not require a phone. This might save us quite a bit.
We still need a house manager. No one has offered to fill this position.
There was a discussion of the duties of committees and committee chair.
The termite inspection was completed. Everything checks out fine. Kathy is bombing the attic in an attempt to get rid of flies and wasps. We still have a bat issue that will need to be addressed.
It was suggested that as renewal notices are sent the members could be asked if the would be willing to volunteer.
Mike gave us the estimate for white vinyl fence panels of $200.00 each. Thiels have send a check for $500.
Motion to order candles by Kathy F. seconded by Mark R. Motion carried.
Discussion of rental rules tabled until next month.
Breakfast scheduled for Black Saturday.
Meeting adjourned.

September 2017

Jester Insurance gave us a new quote It is time to increase our coverage and fees will go up.

Melody Kirk made a motion to accept the bid from Cincinnati Ins, seconded by Neil Ruddy. Motion approved.

Tom & Polly Thiel discussed fencing problems (headlights shine into their house) They will donate $500. toward extending the fence line to prevent.

$10,249.28 in both accounts. Motion to pay Chamber dues Mark Randleman seconded by Melissa Hawk. Motion approved.

Motion to pay 1/2 of the yearly annex taxes. Mark Randleman, seconded by Neil Ruddy. Motion approved.

Photographs received in the mail from unknown source. Early Carlisle, Market Street & North Park. They will be used in the newsletter.

Cemetery Tour Oct 8th at dusk. Kathy Fleishman made a motion to budget $250.00 seconded by Neil Ruddy. Motion approved.

Security discussed. Melody is first call at this time. We need to get a call history and discuss with police. . Mike will be second responder.

Kathy F. and Carol M. will check deed of gifts and inventory room by room.

Discussing inventory it was noted that silverware deeded to us was taken by Mary Sue Van Ryswyk and also Pat Fife's cabinet. We are unsure what other items are missing at this time.

Breakfast will be held as usual on the 24th.

An audit of our financial records was done by Ann Polito. She reports all records were correct and suggested that we have a second signer on the main account in case the treasurer is unavailable. She also recommends yearly auditing. Motion by Mark R. to accept the audit. Seconded by Vance G, Motion carried.

Melissa will be in charge of the Christmas decorating committee. We will be on the Library Foundations Tour of Homes this year.

Lawn mowing was discussed. We need a 4th person to replace Rob Van Ryswyk.

Mike will get estimates on fencing panels. Discussion of paint on the North side of the garage.


Susan will bring carpet samples to the next meeting.

Discussion of house rental cost and agreements. Carol and Kathy & Vance will bring recommendations after checking with other facilities.

The board voted to accept the gift of a newer fridge from Vance & Sandy Gehlbach. Mark R. made the motion, seconded by Melissa.

Palmyra Church is asking that we accept safety equipment that will be loaned to them for renovations. Melody made the motion, Neil seconded, Motion carried.

Kathy mad a motion, seconded by Mark to keep a white board account of volunteer hours. Motion carried.

Meeting adjourned.

August 2016

Board Members Attending: Melody Kirk, Mike Kinter, Vance Gehlbach, Kathy Fleishman, Mark Randleman, Arden Owens.

Meeting called to order

Minutes from the previous meeting were read:

Melody made motion to approve, Mark seconded

Motion carried

Treasurer's Report: $9745.99 in both accounts

Mark moved to approve, Arden seconded

Motion carried

The treasurer asked for a motion to pay for the website for two years. Motion to approve Vance, seconded by Mark. Motion carried

A vote was taken by paper ballot to accept the resignation of board member Mary Sue Van Ryswyk

Motion carried.

Events: A discussion was held on the events that were previously planned. Not enough information was available to make a decision whether to go forward or cancel. Mike is to check with Mary Sue about details of expected costs etc.

House Committee appointed to study and make recommendation about rental policies Vance, Carol and Kathy.

Old Business: Mike is looking into insurance quotes

Peggy Hepworth is willing to take over the breakfast planning. Kathy & Carol are going to check with Fareway about pricing and we hope to buy locally if possible.

New Business

CAHS is due for an audit. Member Ann Polito is willing to do this at no cost. Motion made by Melody to approve. Seconded by Arden. Motion carried

There was a discussion of Christmas decorating with no motions made.

Mike would like us to become members of the Iowa Museum Association at a cost of $40.00. Vance made a motion to approve. Mark seconded. Motion carried.

Garage: The garage is in need of cleaning.

Collections: Mary Sue's deeds of gift for items already at the Randleman House. 3 items were rejected as there was a stipulation that the items would never be sold. We cannot accept items with "strings" attached. No decision was made on the other items. Mike asked Carol and Kathy to go through them and make a recommendation as to which items we should accept

The board decided that a new chair of events will be necessary if planned events are to go forward.

Lawn mowing was discussed, Vance, Glen and Danny  along with Rob have been taking care of this. With Rob no longer mowing the duties will be divided.

Mike reported a conflict with the third Wed of the month meeting date. It was decided to move our board meeting to the third Thursday.

Meeting adjourned.

July 2016

Board Members Attending: Arden Owens, Mark Randleman, Mary Sue Van Ryswyk, Neil Ruddy, Kathy Fleishman, Melissa Hwk, Melody Kirk, Mike Kinter

Meeting Called to order by President Mike Kinter

1) Call to order

2) Election of Officers

 President Mike Kinter

VP Melissa Hawk

Treasurer Melody Kirk

Secretary Kathy Fleishman

Appointment of Chairs:

Events Mary Sue Van Ryswyk & Neil Ruddy

House Mgr. Rob Van Ryswyk

Collections Mary Sue Van Ryswyk

Publicity: Chair unfilled at this time

                   Facebook and Website: Vance Gehlbach

                   Newsletter: Danny Roach & Susan Robinson

Membership: Melody Kirk

3) Approval of Minutes from Previous Meeting

                  Melody moved, Mark seconded

4) Committee Reports

                 a. Treasurer reports a balance of $9719.86

                 b. Collections reports receipt of a funeral bed given by the Cummings family

                      Items from Cassandra Gobbel

                      Settee  from & 2 chairs from Deb Nolte


                   c.Events Cemetery Program set for Oct 8th

                    D Randleman House Rob reports

                    purchase of a push lawn mower  

5  . New Business: Mary Sue and Mike met with    BRAVO consultant Rachel Woodhouse

       There was a discussion of a decorating committee but no action taken.


Meeting Adjourned