Carlisle Area Historical Society


This page will contain the minutes from the CAHS Board. All action and votes will be noted as well as relevant discussion. The current minutes must be approved by the board before being posted so this will always be one month behind.
If you have a question about any board decision you are welcome to contact any member or attend any meeting.

February 2017

Melody made a motion, seconded by Mark to approve the minutes from Jan. Motion carried

Treasurer: $12,578.00 Melissa Hawk moved to accept. Seconded by Carol Murphy. Motion carried.

Publicity: Newsletter coming out next week. Vance reports 300 hits a day on the FB page with 558 people following us.

Collections: Kathy will order the plaque for the Gee Whizz washing machine


Security: All installed at less than the cost of previous security and no need for phone, saving approx. $50 per month.

Fence: Still waiting for good weather

Handrail: Mike has some ideas for this

Vacuums have been purchased and are in use

The walnut tree has been removed

Mike is purchasing the old fridge at a cost of $100. Motion to accept his bid Melody Kirk, seconded by Melissa Hawk. Motion carried.

There was a discussion of catered events at the house and a question arose about liability etc. Carol made a motion, seconded by Melissa that hired caterers for all events must be licensed, bonded and insured. Motion carried. Rental policy will be amended.

There was a discussion about the layout for the kitchen with some concerns by Peggy Hepworth. Mike will take her opinions into consideration when purchasing and installing cabinetry.


Mark Randleman brought up the BRAVO grant cycle. Rachel Woodhouse is the contact person. We need construction estimates for the porch before we can consider writing any grants for that. Mike says they were received but apparently never shared with the board. No one currently on the board knows where they are. He will look into it.

A committee was formed for the May tea. To keep costs down the tea will be a simpler affair than previously done and local history will be the focus with no paid speakers.

Kathy gave a report about  Feb volunteer hours.

Play 225

Cleaning 4

Newsletter 10

Total 239

January 2017

Minutes: Correction of December minutes to read Bill Schooler's Grandmothers dress. Melody Kirk moved to accept, Mark Randleman seconded. Motion carried

Treasurer: The treasurer reports a balance of $11,497.40

Publicity: Facebook still getting lots of hits. 400 on new data. We need to post the Jan breakfast.

Collections: Discussion of the Farley jugs offered by Arden Owens and the glass case from Brian Owens.  Melody Kirk made a motion to accept, seconded by Vance Gehlbach. Motion carried.

Events: Events committee chair Melissa Hawk discussed upcoming events. The play will be finished in March. A spring tea is planned as well as birthday celebrations in August that will include the History 101 project from the State Historical Society. We would like to have some displays of the Betzer collection at that time and will need volunteers to put that together.

Carol will be in charge of the garage sale again this year.

House: We still need a house manager.

Calendar: It was decided that all uses of the house will be put on the website calendar so that everyone can easily see when the house is busy and when free. We will not post private info as names etc of renters but simply that the house is rented at that time.

Annex: Trees need to be removed, We need to set a budget for this and find someone to remove them.

Old Business: Need pest control person for bats in the attic

A discussion of a wish list to be posted on the website.

Vance question utility charges on the annex.

New Business: We are still one board member short. Melody Kirk made a motion to ask Carol to serve out the remainder of the term. Seconded by Vance. Motion carried.

The fence is in the garage and waiting for good weather to install, A container is needed for the Christmas trees in the garage. The glass case needs moved into the house. The board wishes to thank all who worked on the Holiday Tour/décor and the removal of the decoration.

Mark Randleman made a motion to adjourn. Seconded by Vance. Meeting adjourned.


Carol Murphy made a statement to the Board of all of the activities in December.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Motion to accept from Mark Randleman. 2nd by Melody Kirk.

MEMBERSHIP:  Motion to give Lori Curtis and Ethel Lee lifetime memberships for their continuing work on stained glass windows.  Melissa made the motion to accept and Melody 2nd.  Membership continues to grow with a new lifetime member.

PUBLICITY:  Newsletter will be published Dec. 20th.  Carol continues to send articles to the Carlisle Citizen.

WEBSITE:  Vance Gelbach continues to monitor and add articles.  Usually over 500 hits on website and facebook per article.

COLLECTIONS:  Bill Schooler has loaned his mother’s wedding dress and display to us with intent to deed to us. 

Glass case was accepted by board.  Motion to accept by Mark Randleman.  2nd by Vance G.

NEW BUSINESS:  Voted to cancel February breakfast due to conflict with the play being presented by high school students at the Randleman House.

INVENTORY:  Kathy Fleishman and Carol Murphy will work on in Jan. & Feb.

SECURITY: Update.  Order is still on and waiting for installation.  Discussion of cameras being installed by the doors or using personal codes to enter.

OLD BUSINESS:  Fencing has been purchased and tree removal is scheduled.  Vote to pay $800 to have tree removed. Melody made motion.  Vance 2nd.

Handrail to be installed when weather is more moderate.

2 vacuums to be purchased for house by Melody.

Discussion of writing grants for BRAVO. Mark questioned why we have not written grants and who would be in charge of that process. More information needed.

Discussion of tea for Mothers Day.  Melissa Hawk in charge of arrangements.

Shoveling snow was discussed.  Mike will shovel this week and hopefully everyone will take turns.  Mr.Peno is plowing driveway.

Discussion of pets in the house.  Excrement was found under dining room table and removed but we need to be better caretakers of house.

Chamber of Commerce luncheon and Tour of Homes by the library foundation was a big success and involved lots of volunteers.

Jim Garnett would like to give his book “Growing up in Carlisle” to the first 10 members of the New Year.  Mark made motion to accept offer and Melody 2nd.

Mention was made of all of the Christmas tablecloths disappearing. 

Mark moved to adjourn the meeting.  Vance 2nd.


November 2016

Minutes from the previous meeting were read. Melody Kirk made a motion to approve, seconded by Arden Owens. Motion carried

Treasurer's report : $11,179.81 balance in both accounts. Motion to approve, Mark Randleman, 2nd Arden Owens. Motion carried

Discussion about winterizing the house at 235 Penn. Mike agreed to do this and have utilities turned off.

Membership. Two new lifetime members and a matching donation from Meredith

Website and Facebook: 593 hits on the calendar information

Collections: Carol reported that Schoolers would like to give us Wm Schooler Sr's grandmother's wedding dress. Motion to accept by Melody Kirk, 2nd Melissa Hawk. Motion carried.

There was a discussion of selling the extra print from the Betzer Collection. We will advertise and take bids. Motion to sell Mark Randleman 2nd Vance Gehlbach. Motion carried.

Discussion of Chamber Luncheon

Calendars are ready and available for sale $15.00

Rental agreement discussion. We settled on $150.00 day flat rate effective Jan 1, 2017. Person renting must be a member who will be given a key to open and close. Mark Randleman made motion to approve, 2nd by Vance Gehlbach. The board will review and make final vote next month.

Betzer Collection inventory report by Danny Roach & committee. Copy available.

A  plaque will be purchased for the Gee Whizz Washing machine.

Security: Vance recommends going with A Tech Security. He received a bid of $36.95 month with a set up fee of $190.00. Motion to approve Melody Kirk, 2nd Mark Randleman Motion carried

Discussion on fence. White vinyl ordered from Menards. Vance, Glen, and Mike will figure costs and completion. Discussion of the removal of the walnut tree. Mike will get bid.

Painting door jamb of red room. Kathy & Melody

Railing for front walk needs to be completed

Mike purchased new locks for the kitchen door and will put locks on the annex.

Mark Moved to adjourned, 2nd Melissa.

Meeting adjourned

October 2016
Minutes from the previous meeting read and approved
Publicity: Newsletter discussion.
Website & Facebook: Still getting lots of hits
Events: Chamber luncheon discussed. Tour of Homes 9th & 10th of December. Christmas events: Melissa in charge of decorating.
Collection & Artifacts: Danny Roach is in charge of the committee to catalog the Betzer collection. Kathy will have two of the prints framed at Dots. We will also have brass plates made to designate larger items (ie the Gee Whizz Washing Machine). It was decided we will hold an open house in the spring with a committee to decide how best to display items form this collection.
Deeds of gift signed by Kathy Betzer were entered into the collection record. And approved by the board.
Cemetery Walk. The cooperation of the committee and the coordination with the high school student speakers was a learning experience. The turnout was great (approx. 70). Lots of compliments from attendees and $310. profit made.
The paranormal group will be doing a fund raiser for CAHS on Nov 12th.
We discussed the possibility of getting the Iowa State Historical tour in 2017. Perhaps as part of our 10th birthday celebration. Our name has been submitted as possible hosts.
Security service has been discontinued. Vance is going to check into alternative service.
There was a discussion of duties of the house manager. We need someone local to manage this.
Committees: There was a discussion regarding rules for committees with no action at this time.
Termite inspection was done and everything looks fine.
The attic is being "bug bombed" to kill flies and wasps.
Vance suggested changes to the renewal notices that would include asking for volunteers in various categories.
We got a check from Thiels to cover their donation toward this project. We discussed the possibility of removing the walnut tree before proceeding.
Motion to order candles for sale this year. Kathy Fleishman, seconded by Mark Randleman. Motion carried.
Discussion of changing/raising rental rates. Tabled until next meeting
Black Saturday breakfast is scheduled but no December breakfast.
Danny will pick out a kitchen sink with direction from the ladies who do the washing up.  He will turn in a bill for reimbursement.
There was discussion about writing a BRAVO grant to hire help.
Meeting adjourned.
Kathy attached a  memorandum of volunteer hours for October of 140 hours.

Sept 2016
Jester Insurance gave a presentation on our upcoming policy renewal. Melody Kirk made a motion seconded by Neil Ruddy to accept Jester's recommendation and go with the Cincinnati Insurance Co. bid. Motion carried.
A motion to accept the minutes from the previous meeting was made by Melody Kirk, seconded by Vance Gehlbach. Motion carried. 
New Business: Tom & Polly Theil discussed fence issues. They would like to fence to block headlights. They will donate $500. for a new fence.
Treasurer Report: $10,249.28 in both accounts.
Motion to pay Chamber Dues Mark Randleman, seconded by Melissa Hawk. Motion carried.
Motion by Mark Randleman seconded by Neil Ruddy to pay the first half of the annex taxes.
Publicity and Newsletter: Huge response to articles online and in newspaper. Jim Goodhue's story received over 3,500 hits
Collection and Artifacts: Photographs of early Carlisle received in the mail from California, unknown donator. They will be used in the newsletter.
Events: Cemetery Tour will be Oct 8th at dusk. Mark Randleman gave a presentation. Kathy Fleishman made a motion to allow a budget of $250.00 for this event.  Neil seconded. Motion carried.
Randleman House: Security discussed. At this time Melody is first responder to calls. We need to get a call history and discuss with police. Mike agreed to be second responder.
Artifacts Inventory: Kathy & Carol will check deed of gifts and inventory room by room.
Silverware that was deeded to us as well as Pat Fife's cabinet were removed by Mary Sue Van Ryswyk.
Breakfast: Breakfast is on the 24th . Arrangements have been made.
Audit: An audit of CAHS financial records was done by member Ann Polito. All records were correct. Ann does suggest that we have a second signer on our accounts in case of illness and to do an audit yearly. Motion to accept audit made by Mark Randleman, seconded by Vance. An operating budget committee was formed Vance Gehlbach and Melody Kirk.
Christmas: Melissa Hawk will be in charge of decorating this year. We will be participating the Library Foundation's Tour of Homes. Dec 9 & 10.
Lawn Mowing: A discussion about the need for a 4th person to replace Rob Van Ryswyk. The season is almost finished and no action was taken.
Fence Panels: Mike will investigate and get estimates. Discussion about painting the North side of the garage.
Carpeting: Susan will be on the committee to bring samples to the board to cover the areas originally covered with bound carpeting. This is a gift from a member.
House rental agreement changes were discussed. Carol, Kathy and Vance will do some checking and make recommendations.
Refrigerator: Motion made by Mark Randleman, seconded by Melissa Hawk to accept accept a gift of a newer refrigerator from Vance & Sandy Gehlbach. Motion carried.

Palmyra Church: We are accepting the donation of equipment needed for renovation (masks, etc.) and will loan those to the Palmyra Church group. Melody made the motion, seconded by Neil. Motion carried.

Kathy Fleishman made a motion to keep an account of volunteer hours, seconded by Mark Randleman. Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned.

August 2016
8/27/2016 Special Meeting
Mary Sue Van Ryswyk has notified president Mike Kinter that she has changed her mind and will be removing her personal items from the Randleman House. Several of the dates she suggested have passed with no action. The board decided it was best for the society if items would be removed in a timely manner while the house was empty of renters and events. Vance made a motion to ask Mary Sue to either donate or remove her items by Sept 10th. After that dates anything remaining in the house will be considered abandoned. Motion seconded by Mark Randleman. Motion carried.
Meeting adjourned.
August 17, 2016
Regular Monthly Meeting
The treasurer reports a balance of $9745.99 in both accounts. Mark Randleman made motion to approve, seconded by Arden Owens. Motion carried.
Approval of minutes from the previous meeting. Melody Kirk made motion, Mark Randleman seconded. Motion carried.
Official acceptance of Mary Sue Van Ryswyk's written resignation from the board and "all further association with CAHS" done by paper ballot. Motion carried. Mary Sue also stated that she would be removing all her personal items from the Randleman House on the following Saturday.
Motion by Vance to approve paying website fee $99.00 for two years. Seconded by Mark Randleman. Motion carried.
Three new members recruited by Vance Gehlbach. Vance is updating the Facebook page and notes lots of hits on both website and Facebook.
Collections: We will need to find signatures for unsigned deed of gifts.
Events: The board had a discussion about upcoming events. Except for breakfasts, no one knows exactly what these events will cost or what is expected of us. No motions made. Mike will contact Mary Sue for details. If we do keep the planned events, someone will need to take charge as Mary Sue will not be handling events any longer. Discussion of upcoming Cemetery Event. All going well.
A committee was set up regarding rental increase for the Randleman House. Vance Gehlbach, Kathy Fleishman and Carol Murphy will make recommendations to the board.
Old Business: President Mike Kinter is looking at insurance quotes. Peggy Hepworth is willing to continue doing the breakfasts. The board will help with setup on the 26th. Kathy Fleishman & Carol Murphy are willing to meet with Fareway to set up a line of credit. The board feels that shopping in Carlisle, whenever possible, would be good.
Member Ann Polito is willing to do an audit of our books at no charge. Melody made a motion to approve, seconded by Arden. Motion carried.
There was a discussion of Christmas decorating and need for a chairperson.
It was decided that CAHS should belong to the Iowa Museum Association. Vance made a motion to join, seconded by Mark Randleman. Motion carried.
The garage needs cleaned and organized.
Deeds of Gifts for a number of items signed by Mary Sue were brought to the boards attention. Three items were noted that they could not be sold. Per our bylaws all gifts are final and cannot contain conditions. Those three items will not be accepted. The other items will be researched and recommendations made by committee of Kathy Fleishman and Carol as to which items we would wish to keep.
The lawn mowing committee is Vance Gehlbach, Glen Robinson and Danny Roach.
Mike asked the meeting night to be changed as he had a conflict. CAHS board will now meet the 3rd Thursday of the month.
July 20, 2016
Meeting Called to order.
Election of Officers for new fiscal year.  President Mike Kinter, Vice President Melissa Hawk, Treasurer Melody Kirk, Secretary Kathy Fleishman.
Committee Chairs:
Events & Collections Mary Sue Van Ryswyk
House Manager Rob Van Ryswyk
    Website Melody Kirk
    Facebook Vance Gehlbach
    Newsletters Danny Roach & Susan Robinson
     Newspaper Carol Murphy
Minutes from the previous meeting were read and approved.
Melody Kirk made the motion, seconded by Mark Randleman.
Committee Reports: The treasurer Melody Kirk reports a balance of $9719.86 in both accounts.
Collections Chair Mary Sue Van Ryswyk reports a donation by the Cummings of a funeral bed that belonged to Jeremiah Church. We received items from Cassandra Gobbel of Indianola and a settee from Deb Nolte-Goodhue. Deeds of gift have been sent for signature.
Events: Mark Randleman, Susan Robinson and Melody Kirk are working on this presentation with a date of Oct 8.
Randleman House: Rob Van Ryswyk reports the purchase of a push mower for trimming. The Board approval was done by phone so it could be purchased and used immediately. He will turn in a receipt for repayment.
New Business: Mary Sue & Mike Kinter met with Rachel Woodhouse from BRAVO.
Discussion but no action on a decorating committee for Christmas.